Utilize the full power of your own SMTP Server for your Business

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SMTP Server

Send Free Bulk Email with 100% Delivery Rate

SMTP Server

For Bulk Email Marketing

If you rely on your lead distribution system to send emails in any capacity, getting your own SMTP server should be your first priority

The most apparent advantage of using your own SMTP server is increased email delivery. Many email providers have low delivery success rates, which can cause serious problems for your company, clients, and customers.

Having your own SMTP server also allows you to investigate all of your emails sent. You don't have full access to your archive of sent emails if you don't have your own SMTP, which might make typical procedures like follow-ups and reporting difficult.

Reliable SMTP relay and email delivery services.

Detailed reporting

Proactive monitoring

No integration needed

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Fast setup, easy integration, Powerful API



Send follow up emails in sync with web or mobile service notifications.

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Status Updates

Send timely account and product use status notifications to entice consumers to return.


Authentication Emails

Keep users secure by delivering timely authentication emails to their inboxes.

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Order Confirmations

By providing purchase and invoice information on time, you may increase your brand's value and trustworthiness.

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Registration Emails

Increase sign ups by reducing opt in confirmation latency and improve onboarding metrics.

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Policy Change Emails

Ensure that important policy change information emails reach your users within minutes.

Engineered for scalability and reliability.

Email sending solution that is both flexible and scalable for companies and developers.
Delivery Rate 98%
Uptime 99%

Why choose SMTP?

SMTP allows you to get your emails in front of your target audience. With SMTP’s better inbox delivery, you can supercharge your high-volume campaigns, transactional emails, and marketing platform.

Scalable Infrastructure

SMTP grows smoothly, whether you’re sending billions of emails each month or the speed of delivery is critical.
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Industury Leading Delivery

Businesses have relied on our unrivalled delivery rates and reputation among mailbox providers for over two decades.
24 hours support

24/7 In Support House

Each of us is available at all times. Our in-house support staff consists of seasoned email delivery professionals with decades of experience.


Your Business

With Free Bulk Emails that are delivered on time and with a 100% delivery rate.

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