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The Power of Whatsapp Marketing Software

How Will It Benefit You?

We offer digital media marketing services to startups and small enterprises. Simply give one of our digital marketers a call and they'll start to work on creating a campaign that will send your brand into orbit. Our group is motivated by a desire to learn new things. One of the things that sets us apart from the competition is our ability to create a listening brand from the ground up.
Rapbooster is one of the most user-friendly Whatsapp marketing tools that allows sending of bulk messages to potential clients. The tool also gives an option to attach images, videos, PDF, along text messages.
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Save your money and time

FLIPY Data Extractor

FLIPY is an email and Number scraper software that allows you to extract emails and numbers from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube. This easy-to-use tool allows you to extract data for the growth of your business.

Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing
Safe Sending Mode
Set your bulk with rapbooster and send a bulk message without worrying about blocking.
Number Filter
Filter the number which is set for bulk so that you can send multiple messages in less time.
Multiple Accounts
You can easily add multiple WA account so that it will behave as a human sending mechanism.
Send Unlimted Messages
Set Bulk and Blast WA messages to all contacts whether they are saved or not in your address book with a single click.
Groups Contacts
Easily grab Contacts from WA Groups whether they are saved or not and by clicking send them to Sending Log for bulk.

Get Leads According To Your Business

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Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Message API
  2. Message Bot
  3. Group Auto Send
  4. Number Filter
Yes you can create unlimted number of channels in your account.
Message Marketing works by broadcasting messages to a large number of people. There is also the option to upload photos and videos.
Using the Message Marketing API, organisations may reach out to all of their potential clients. You can create a business profile using the service. As a result, you may send out broadcast messages and engage in two-way conversations with customers.
Yes, it is legal in India, but there is a limitation. One can send out broadcast messages to 256 users at once, not more than that.
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