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1470399662 Marketing

Real-Time Email Verification

Add emails and validate emails in real-time to your lead pages, registration forms, or wherever else emails are gathered.

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Bulk Email List Cleaning

Improved the sender's reputation and inbox deliverability with our Primailer Validator

1470399715 E Commerce

Email Import

You may easily input email addresses into the validator tool by using text files, or you can manually enter emails one at a time.

1470399674 App Development

Verified Email Addresses

Emails should be cleaned up ahead of time so that you may avoid sending misspelled emails and reach out to more customers.

1470399667 Newsletter

Email Bounce Removal

We can help you eliminate up to 99.9% of bounced emails.

1470399656 Branding

Save Result

Quickly save the results obtained by the Primailer Validator tool to a text file, and you may save good and poor emails to separate files if you choose.

Now, with the help of Primailer Validator

Validate your Emails and reduce your bounce rate.

Primailer Validator
no credit card

No need for additional Credits


Duplicates should be removed


Detailed Valuation Status


Emails are manually entered


No need for coding knowledge

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Easily export the verified email

Accurate, Fast and Secure Email Validation Service

With the help of an email validator, you may have a clean email list free of bounced and undeliverable email addresses, allowing you to update and maintain your contact lists clean, preventing your email server domain from being blacklisted, and increasing the performance of your email campaigns.

You may check email syntax to swiftly execute bulk mail marketing campaigns according to your business needs and requirements using sorted and filtered email addresses, and you may arrange contact information in the most comfortable method for you.



Most frequent questions and answers
Bulk email is a type of marketing message that is delivered to a large number of people at once. Email marketing is the practise of sending bulk emails to a large number of people at the same time.
With just one click, you may send customised emails to all of your contacts. Our bulk email sender will replace tokens in the body of your email with the receiver’s name, city, website address, or any other information linked with the recipient.
They depend on how many mail you send per month basis.
An email marketing campaign’s performance can be evaluated in three different ways:
Click-through rate: It’s the proportion of those that clicked on your email’s links. This is the most basic method of evaluating the success of an email marketing campaign.
Conversion rate: It’s the percentage of people who have opened, read, and responded positively to your email.
Bounce rate: It represents the percentage of emails sent but not received by the intended recipient.
The success of email marketing is determined on the size of the email list. However, just because you have a large email list doesn’t mean you’ll be successful, so make sure you’re adding the correct people to it. Your email marketing efforts will be for naught if they aren’t actively engaged with you (or interested in what you have to say).
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