Compelling & Engaging Business Videos
Business videos may help your organization sell its goods more effectively, clarify difficult ideas, interact with potential consumers through digital marketing, and any other sort of video you can think of. But isn't making professional videos time-consuming and costly? Not so with RapBooster. Now you can have an award-winning videos in minutes.
Explainer Video


Video advertisements are the popular way for customers to learn more about company products.


89% of organizations claimed that the usage of video resulted in growth in their customer base.


Social video for brand awareness receives more shares than combined text and static photos.
Produce Leads to Engage Customers
Keep your customers coming back for more. Create customized contact forms and sync the data you collect with leading email marketing systems. Add unique end screens and call-to-actions that send leads to your website, store, social media, and anything else.

Make an Eye-Catching Video

RapBooster provides all of the high-performance video tools you’ll need to reach out to more clients and develop your business. It very simple to create impactful social videos at reasonable cost.



Most frequent questions and answers

The cost of our video depends on the complexity, type and duration of the video.

Yes, it is on a per second basis. We suggest you keep the duration as short as possible for an explainer video. An ideal duration would be 60-90 seconds unless a longer duration is necessary.

  • Got your own script? Great!
  • Our Creative Director will go through the script you would be sharing with us and gauge the effort required for the video. We will get back to you with the cost based on the complexity of the script.
  • It depends on the type of video you require.
  • A whiteboard video will require 2-4 weeks for execution.
  • A 3D video will take 4-5 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the video.
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