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The voice broadcasting solution allows you to achieve the masses in minutes.
Yes! you read it right, with our top-notch voice broadcasting solution you’ll be able to reach an enormous number of individuals an immediate by sending an automatic voice message.

Voice Broadcasting

How does automated voice broadcasting work?


Add Phone Numbers


Record a Voice


Generate Call Message

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What are the benefits of Voice Broadcasting ?

With automated speech service, you may record, schedule, and blast voice messages to a specific group in mass. For live or voicemail messages, customise your audio.



Schedule for the day of the week or a date/time and repeat periodically.

Auto Retry

Use auto-redial feature when you need it or when a customer fails to respond.


Audio Store

Create audio files using text-to-speech or just use your mobile to record.


Multiple Concurrent Calls

Multiple Calls at a time, to increase the speed of your broadcast.

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Real time reporting on campaign response including DTMF inputs for IVR calls.
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Charge on Success

To increase your campaign’s ROI, calls are only charged if they are successfully connected.
data storage

Central Storage

Safely store all your audio files in a central place to keep it water-tight.
contact book

Contact Management

Choose an audience from the contacts database to voice broadcast your messages.

Boost Your Business

With Free Bulk Emails that are delivered on time and with a 100% delivery rate.

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    Most frequent questions and answers
    A voice broadcast is just a pre-recorded message that is sent to customers via telephone. It’s simple and incredibly effective way to communicate with large numbers of people very quickly.
    Hundreds of thousands of messages may be sent out every hour using our sophisticated technologies. We have the capability to deliver your message on time, every time, no matter how rigorous your requirements are.
    For Voice Broadcast you can use only .WAV Format audio files.
    When establishing a campaign, go to the Campaign Schedule option and fill in the start field with the time and date you want the campaign to begin. Once the campaign has been established, start it from the campaign’s Action menu, and it will begin dialling on the specified day and time.
    There are several causes for this. In the vast majority of cases, paper-based and email-based marketing are useless. When you get spam email or junk mail, you know what happens next: they go directly to the trash! Customers get voice broadcasts on their phone, which is a far more direct method of communication. Traditional marketing tactics are a hundred times less successful than speech broadcasting. Furthermore, delivering an audio message is less expensive than mailing a letter or having a telemarketing person deliver a message. When you use Voice Broadcasting, your response rates improve while your costs decrease.
    Any company or organisation that has to communicate with a big group of consumers, workers, or clients. This may be a private sector company that wants to enhance sales or customer relationships, or a government agency that needs to communicate with its customers.
    The fee is determined by the volume and frequency of your communications, as well as the message length. Each communication becomes less expensive as you send more. Whether you’re sending texts to landlines or mobile phones affects the cost.
    When you sign up for CloudShope SMS, you have access to a powerful web-based control panel that allows you to create recordings, upload databases, and send messages to the appropriate individuals at the right time.
    Once you’ve made a deposit, we’ll credit your account within half an hour, but it might take up to an hour depending on the amount of requests.
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