Why Do Businesses Need IVR?

IVR system will greet your customers and route calls to the appropriate team depending on the caller's input. An IVR phone system arms a business with several capabilities that will lighten the load for agents while simultaneously maximizing customer service efficiency.
IVR Overviews
How Its Work

Why is it necessary for your company to have an IVR number?

Voice Broadcasting
Multi-channel Platform
One platform for all communication channels
CRM Integration
Integrates with all leading CRMs
Secure & Reliable
Enabling enterprise-grade security for businesses
Expand your business at ease on a smart technology platform without any limitations
Customized solutions with quick deployment on cloud

Benefits of IVR Solution

Using multi-level category menus, direct your customers to the proper agent, allowing them to handle their issues faster.

Set welcome or greeting message and change it anytime as per convenience.

Distribute calls based on telephone numbers and IVR options among agents.

Time-based scheduling of IVR menus and messages for seamless experience.

Send SMS and ask callers to give a missed call to register their feedback.

Record calls between agents and customers for insights and compliance.

Monitor campaigns and agents in real time with our intuitive dashboards.

How To Work

How does IVR Work


Most frequent questions and answers

Many organizations have adopted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to improve the quality and reduce the cost of customer service. This technology provides a number of benefits including automated prioritization of calls, call routing, call volume management, limited self-service, and reduced operating expense. However, due to the limited input capabilities (touchtone and poor voice recognition), IVR has a vast number of limitations for servicing a customer effectively.

  • Generally you’ll be billed in two ways:
  • Channel basis: Depends on the number of channel you opt for the services
  • Per Pulse = 30 seconds
    accordingly you’ll be charged for the IVR plan.

IVR provides customers with an efficient way of connecting with your call agent. It increases customer’s satisfaction as customers no longer have to wait for the call to pass through multiple agents. IVR automatically gathers pertinent data and ensures a caller doesn’t have to repeat their inquiry multiple times.

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