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Clatos CRM is customer relationship management (CRM)
software designed to strengthen client connections and increase revenue.​
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How CRM can be helpful?

Keep track of all leads in one spot so you can quickly track their development. Auto-import leads from email, make notes, generate proposals, and attach files.
Create a professional and eye-catching invoice. Attach files and send them to your clients immediately. The ability to create recurring invoices.
Create an Email from scratch or use a pre-built template that fills in necessary contact details. Then, add a document from the CRM document management system.
Scheduled activities insights of the team's and proposed pipeline performance in past periods repair the causes of poor sales growth and improve sales.
The robust Project Management Feature allows you to manage and invoice projects. The ability to allocate several staff members to a job and track timers for each assigned staff member.
Making recurring expenditures for engagement monitoring allows you to see how individuals who get documents interact with them in real time, right down to the time spent on each page.
Remove the from pillar to post emails, which are frequently linked with appointment booking. Link to your appointment page and allow your contacts choose a time from the available slots on calendar.
Knowledge Base
Content may be simply created, organized, and shared. Make easier for clients and visitors to find the information. Knowledge base is a repository or store of information about goods and services.

Long-Term Business Relationships Are The Key To Growth

We provide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, CRM software and CRM consultancy that enables you to build, manage and develop business critical relationships with your customers.
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Experience the power of connected CRM Software

We are here to help you automate the majority of the sales processes that you must conduct manually on a regular basis.
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Magnificent CRM Solution For Every Sector

CRM for industries can quickly create a fantastic image and manage sales alternatives while taking available logistics into account. CRM for industries may play an important part by measuring the amount of time a client spends on the site.
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CRM software has the ability to assist organizations of all sizes. It provides benefits such as enhancing customer interactions, increasing sales and revenue, boosting customer retention, and managing communication and duties.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that refers to the management of customer relationships. It’s a method or process for learning more about a customer’s wants and desires in order to build closer relationships with them. Although CRM has numerous technology components, thinking about it solely in technological terms is a mistake. CRM can also be thought of as a method that helps to gather together a variety of data on customers, sales, marketing efficiency, responsiveness, and market trends. CRM enables firms to obtain insight into customer behaviour and value by combining technology and human resources.

  1. Yes you can create unlimited number of channels in your account.
  2. Provide better customer service.
  3. Increase customer revenues.
  4. Discover new customers.
  5. Cross sell/Up Sell products more effectively.
  6. Help sales staff close deals faster.
  7. Make call centers more efficient.
  8. Simplify marketing and sales processes.
CRM is a process or methodology used to learn more about customers needs & behavior in order to develop stronger relationship with them.
It takes a little longer than many software salespeople would have you believe. Some providers even claim that their CRM “solutions” can be set up and operational in under a week. These types of packages aren’t very useful in the long run because they don’t give you a cross-divisional and holistic perspective of your customers. The length of time it takes to put together a well-thought-out CRM project is determined by the project’s complexity and its components.
Client loyalty is based on customer satisfaction. Customers who are loyal and satisfied stay with you for a long time. Customers that are loyal to you are also your strongest supporters. Your company’s most persuasive marketing comes through word-of-mouth recommendations. Consumer service cannot be disregarded in an age when negative customer feedback spreads swiftly through internet reviews and blogs.