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Join the 35k+ businesses who use GrapesBunch’s AndroSMS to manage sales, projects, clients, and teams. All plans include every feature we provide, as well as limitless projects and deals, unlimited users, and no per user costs.


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Cost Calculator

No. of Devices SIM Cards Daily SMS (D) Monthly (Dx30) Yearly (Dx365) Traditional SMS Cost (Yx0.20) Cost with AndroSMS
5 10 1000 30000 365000 ₹ 73,000 ₹ 0
10 20 2000 60000 730000 ₹ 1,46,000 ₹ 0
15 30 3000 90000 1095000 ₹ 2,19,000 ₹ 0
20 40 4000 120000 1460000 ₹ 2,92,000 ₹ 0
n n x 2 (n x 2)x100 ((n x 2)x100)x 30 (((n x 2)x100)x 30) x 365 ((((n x 2)x100)x 30) x 365) x 0.20 ₹ 0


Most frequent questions and answers
SMS marketing is essentially reaching out to your customers using their mobile phone’s text messaging app to encourage them to visit your business, increase the frequency of their visits to your website or store, and establish brand loyalty.
Do you want to gain a large number of subscribers, spread the word about your business, increase sales, or improve customer service? Without measures, it is impossible to assess success. The most important metric is the objective you’ve set for yourself. You can check metrics on your messaging platform, such as the opt-in rate, opt-out rate, conversion rate, and redemption rate. Examining these will reveal how well your whole programme is performing.
Many first-timers are amazed to realise how simple it is to put up an SMS campaign when we are asked to assist. Perhaps this comes from the realm of email marketing, where putting up a campaign with every click tags, technological concerns, mail client compatibility, and so on can be quite a pain. In compared to email, SMS allows you to utilise 160 characters (or more when using concatenated SMS) for your marketing message, thus it will likely take you longer to select what your message will be rather than configuring our SMS software.
You are free to send any form of message. Many firms utilise their SMS marketing strategy to provide their clients exclusive offers and incentives. Because the media has a higher redemption rate than other channels, this works well. There’s no need to come to a halt there. Texting can be used to provide tips, reminders, event invitations, transactional messages, customer service requests, polls, and surveys, among other things. You can also hold competitions.
Although we are one of the few organisations who are as open about SMS costs as we are, it still comes as a surprise to businesses when they learn the precise cost of SMS marketing. Of course, in a good manner. Many factors influence the price, such as direct operator connections, security, and so on, but once businesses realise how low the entry-level expenses of SMS marketing are, they rapidly forget about how tough it will be to convince their bosses of the worth.