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      Now you can distribute SMS more efficiently with Andro SMS, which allows you to send Bulk SMS text messages that will be sent out promptly and delivered within a few seconds by simply connecting several Android devices to our application.

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        AndroSMS- Free bulk SMS marketing solution


        We've gone over everything you could possibly want
        through SMS Marketing. You are one step
        closer to success.
        Infinite Number Of Devices
        Send SMS To Infinite Contacts
        Effective Bulk SMS Campaigns
        Increase Email Delivery Rate

        Accelerate the Success of Your Brand

        Our efforts is to constantly improving the industry-leading solutions for SMS Marketing
        in a collaboration with our customers.
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        • Add Android Devices
        • Schedule Campaign
        • Fully Customization

        Add an Infinite Number of Devices

        Add an unlimited number of devices to deliver bulk messages. You may also add devices based on sim slots.


        Add Infinite Contacts

        You may add an unlimited number of contacts manually or using an excel file based on your needs and requirements.


        Send Unlimited Messages

        With a single click, you may send Bulk and Blast messages to all contacts in your address book, whether they are saved or not.

        Send effective bulk SMS campaigns

        Personalize your bulk SMS with names or custom fields, write in 20+ languages, and more.


        Schedule Campaign

        Send messages by scheduling campaigns and allocating priority to them.


        Real-time delivery and click reports

        You may quickly obtain a delivery record and respond to messages to obtain customer help.

        Increase mobile engagement

        You may also check the replies using your cell phone, which is utilized for mass messaging.


        Contact Groups

        Easily create groups with your contacts so that you can send bulk messages or schedule bulk communications with a single click.


        Shoot Bulk

        Send bulk messages to a group of contacts in seconds, allowing you to effortlessly communicate with customers, clients, and employees with the touch of a button.

        Life Doesn’t Wait, Neither Should You

        AndroSMS is an all-in-one SMS marketing solution for Smarter SMS campaigns,
        quick OTPs, alerts, two-way interactions, and other award-winning bulk SMS
        services may help you increase sales and customer happiness.

        A Few Words from Satisfied Customers

        I prefer AndroSMS since it is a combination of a Web Panel and an Android application that allows me to send mass SMS messages from a single application.
        Nandita Roy
        AndroSMS Panel's Customer
        AndroSMS Cilent
        Best for small businesses or startups where you may send personalized messages to everyone based on the demands of your organization.
        AndroSMS's Customer
        AndroSMS Cilent 2
        What I appreciate best is that you no longer need a DLT registration to send bulk messages. This means less extra work for me and more time to focus on my business.​
        AndroSMS's Customer


        Your Business

        With Free SMS Emails that are delivered on time and with a 100% delivery rate. You no longer have to pay every SMS fee by using 100 Operator SMS.

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