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In a nutshell, explainer videos demonstrate how a brand’s product or service works. They’re usually short, fun to observe, and make complex topics easy to grasp for the everyday consumer.

So whether you’re trying to elucidate how your product works, increase brand awareness, or just trying to welcome new potential consumers to your website, an explainer video does it bushed a fun and hugely – effective way.

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Why you must invest in explainer videos?

We’ve entered a video-first world, so replacing text-based content with video content is imperative for brands. After all, video marketing generates 66% more qualified leads each year than the other form of digital marketing.

However, there are 3 important reasons why brands have to start investing in explainer videos pronto.

  • Explainer videos are an excellent thanks to easily convey ideas and deliver messages to your audience. They’re short, they’re (usually) entertaining, and that they convey important, complicated things in an easy–to–understand way.
  • They may be easier and cheaper to provide than a whitepaper or an eBook.
  • Explainer videos don’t seem to be only great for programme optimization (especially YouTube’s search engine) but also a superb thanks to boost social sharing for your brand. After all, social sharing could be a key to growing your online presence and boosting sales. So a brief film and fun explainer video are available in handy here.

Why Choose RapBooster As Your Video Production and Animation Company?

Error Free Delivery: Our Creative Directors ensure thorough quality checks before any deliverable goes dead set you.
Increases Visibility: Every company wants to seem on the primary page of a Google search.
Leads to raised ROI: Explainer video companies can produce videos at a way better rate than agencies.
Increases Conversion Rate:An explainer video helps increase the conversion rate by the maximum amount as 20%!
On-Time Delivery: We use advanced project planning software to confirm that you simply get your video delivered within the time committed by us.
Features Of Explainer Video


Personalize your Explainer Video with VoiceOver feature.


There will be some cool and infographic Animations

Music & Sound Effect

Personalize Music and Sound Effects According tothe content

Video Delivery

Our Creative Directors ensure thorough quality checks before any deliverable.

Script Writing

we have the processed of designing, building, scripting.


There will be a story message told by that Explainer video.

Our Interactive Explainer Video Process

explainer video process

We have described the method of designing, building, scripting, editing, and delivering the explainer videos. We are one in all the highest explainer video production companies ensure to make each of our videos from scratch, consulting the client initially. So here I’m explaining our overall process to make sure that you just aren’t justified with the video but simultaneously delighted with it.

Why use Explainer Video?



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Explainer Video Making
Explainer Video Making
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