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Primailer Desktop is an all-in-one email marketing solution that delivers your message in only a few clicks. Email marketing is effective for organizations of all sizes. Send limitless emails to an infinite number of email addresses to simply target your audience.

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You will get: You can easily automate your emails. By focusing on a certain audience, you may build a massive business network. Set up an experimental campaign to learn more about customer behavior. Make an effort to engage with your consumer on a personal level. Template editor with drag-and-drop functionality and changeable customer name or surname. Create groups based on your client niches. Easily Design your Emails through message editor in HTML and create a Campaign.

Are you tired of Sending Emails one at a time?

If yes “Primailer Desktop” is the right choice for you, helping you grow your business through email marketing. Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. 

Primailer Desktop provides Business Email Marketing Services to ensure that the appropriate message is sent to the right person at the right time. Simply see how simple it is to design and deliver a beautiful and customized mailer with marketing features such as establishing SMTP ports, automating email addresses, a user-friendly editor with dynamic name and surname, scheduling campaigns, and more for today’s fast-growing business.

If someone is online, he almost certainly has an active email account, so why not use Email Marketing to expand your customer reach?
Primailer Desktop offers Business Email Marketing Services to ensure that adequate message is delivered to the right spot at the right moment.
Blast Bulk Emails in less than 2 minutes by simply setting up the entire procedure.
Only the software expenses require additional credit for bulk purchases.
Create automated funnels that are simple yet effective in driving conversions.
Schedule a bulk campaign to provide targeted information to the appropriate customers at the appropriate time.
By focusing on a certain audience, you may build a massive business network.

Features of Primailer Desktop

With Primailer Desktop, you can grow your email campaigns to any email address.

Easily integrated SMTP configuration to control your SMTP ports for sending bulk emails.

Import all email address info from Excel, CSV, or TXT files, or manually enter each email address one at a time.

You may assign an unlimited number of campaigns by simply entering the campaign name, subject, and email address and starting the process.

To forward numerous messages, send custom messages with greetings such as the name and surname.

Send messages in any format, including text, photos, and PDF files, or use HTML code to create a mass email template.

Send bulk emails to a group of contacts in seconds, allowing you to effortlessly communicate with customers, clients, and staff in a single click.

Use Primailer Desktop to send bulk emails to save time and maintain a positive business-customer contact.

You can easily reach out to your consumers all over the world by simply entering their email addresses in the bulk setting.

Configure your bulk and send bulk emails without worrying about running out of credits.

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What Exactly Primailer Desktop?

Why use Primailer Desktop?

Your Email Marketing


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Ecommerce Website Development + IOS Application
Ecommerce Website Development + IOS Application
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