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Clatos CRM software combines all of this data into a unified whole. The customer’s whole history with your company is available, along with a record of deals, emails, website activities, meetings, and even more.

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You will get: Ensure accurate transactions between companies and customers. Maintain the personal diary & appointments for the customer. Stores the information of store owners to get quickly & accurately product records. Small businesses, have been operating remotely.

Are you searching CRM software to run your business efficiently?

With a single memory for all your relationships and client history, you’ll be able to provide outstanding service even if important employees depart or accounts are reorganized. When a consumer wishes to place another order, the order history is easily accessible. There will be no searching or having the headache to maintain the files like we are doing earlier.

This has firmly established CRMs such as Clatos as a must-have for small business owners looking to strengthen interactions with prospects and customers.

One that enables you to leverage CRM contacts to discover where your firm is succeeding and failing, and then target promotions and create leads accordingly. Lead assessment and email follow-ups are automated, freeing your time to focus on the innovative ideas that attract new prospects. Another advantage of using a Clatos CRM is that you may save marketing expenditures by narrowing down on and focusing on your target audience.

Customers may make and place their orders using the top CRMs’ e-commerce features. Customers should be able to purchase add-ons fast if they are simple to use. As a result, you or your workers are notified as soon as a consumer has a problem. A faster answer reduces the likelihood that the buyer will go elsewhere.

What do you get

We provide several calculation methods which are available to help in matching the bill values sent by the supplier to keep a check on the revenue of a particular company.
You can easily store Call logs through Clatos CRM software.
Marketing automation software monitors nurturing pathways and campaign results.
It can easily manage account payments, account receipts, and general ledger, as well as other business modules
Prospective and client interactions are stored in numerous inboxes.
Spreadsheets include pipeline information.

Main Features

Design and layout

Create layouts for various procedures, manage what data enters your CRM, and close more deals in less time.

Components Made to Order

Custom modules, fields, and buttons allow you to tailor the data you want to view inside CRM.

Nurturing Leaders

Enhance your engagement with your leads by providing them with relevant material at each level of your funnel.

Filters and Views

Using custom views and sophisticated filters, you may zero in on the information that is important to you and quickly discover any information you want.

Global Marketing

Provide your staff with multi-language and multi-currency support so that you can sell to clients all around the world.

Segmentation of Customers

To improve the user experience, retention, and ROI on marketing efforts, segment your contacts and target them with tailored programs.

What Exactly is CRM Software?

CRM sw

Why to choose CRM Software?

CRM Software


Update Our request to all our customers that our extractor products are for personal use only and to use all/any information fetched through them in an ethical manner. Grapesbunch is not responsible for any misuse or unethical or illegal activities done by anyone using our Products. Our extractor products are based on the flow that can be executed through manual efforts.

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CRM Software Pro Pack
CRM Software Pro Pack
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