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Bulk WA Chat Automation Tool: RapBooster Pro

What’s New in RAPBOOSTER PRO ✅ Country Code on Import Contact. ✅ Groups Contact Grabbers Option Add-on. ✅ Send Msg in Your Contact/Group and on Excel File. ✅ Set Customized Sender ID. ✅ Auto Reply Mode: Building Reply Cascading Menu & Add Keyword Rules. ✅ Send Text, Images, Videos & Documents. ✅ No need to buy credits.

RapBooster + RapBooster Pro (Combo)

✅ Track messages with instant chat replies. ✅ Runs on Windows Operating System ✅ Personalized messages contain contact name & custom variables. ✅ After send get delivery reports. ✅ Add multi Accounts (Multi Channels). ✅ Multi attachments sending in one click. ✅ Advanced sending configurations. ✅ Delay after control X amounts of messages.